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Mercury XS
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Mercury XS


 Liquid Mercury on your device. 

This is beautifully rendered in real time on your device with ThreeJS, not an animated GIF, ensuring it works with any iPhone.With the option of Light or Dark animations, this looks great on your home screen as well and suits any dark or light theme.

You can even use the real time animation with your own lock and home screen.


  • Stunning realistic animated wallpaper
  • Time/Date
  • Current Location/Temp
  • Tomorrows forecast
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Changeable text color
  • Adjustable animation brightness


  • Animated wallpaper with your own widget.
  • Home screen animated wallpaper.
  • Use persistent mode for fast loading.


  • XenHTML, XenINFO and internet connection

Bugs/Follow Twitter: @AppzAussie